Welcome to my website

My name is Nisvan, I am a visionary artist.
My work is inspired by visions received during shamanic ceremonies with ayahuasca.
I invite you to take a look into the magical world of  ayahuasca through my paintings.

Great thanks I give to the Plant teachers and the Shamans from the Amazone basin, who brought so much love, light and healing into my life.

I especially call your attention to the shamans page which is dedicated to two great shamans from the amazonian rainforest, who came to Europe with a special message for the european people.

All paintings in the artwork section are for sale, check the 'sizes and prices' page for more information.

For information and purchase of paintings contact Nisvan

Tel: +31 20 6731434

Mobile: +31 (0)624754014

E-mail: nisvan.art@gmail.com

I am honored that my artwork features in an excellent book on Ayahuasca, written by Arno Adelaars,  Christian Rätsch and Claudia Müller-Ebeling.
It is called Ayahuasca, Rituale, Zaubertränke und visionaire Kunst aus Amazonien. Currently it is only out in German, but hopefully soon also in Englisch, French and Spanisch.
I highly recommend this book to those who wish to learn more about ayahuasca, the rituals and the artwork inspired by ayahuasca

To order this book write an e-mail to Arno Adelaars: arnoadelaars@hotmail.com

All work shown on this site is protected by International copyright law and may not be used for any purpose without permission from its owner.

Nisvan van Sijl, David Blesstraat 6-IV, 1073 LA Amsterdam